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About CP Music
Having begun in February 2003 as Classical & Popular Music Centre, we have always maintained our casual, warm & friendly atmosphere. We changed our name to CP Music Centre in 2004 and have grown rapidly since then.

Our mission has always been to make music available to anyone with a desire to play. We treat all of our students like family and old friends. Whether you are a beginner or professional, there is flexibility to tailor programs to meet individual student needs. Our school believes anyone, regardless of age can learn how to play a musical instrument.

Here at CP Music we pride ourselves on how passionate we are about music education. With a faculty consisting of seasoned professional musicians and dedicated teachers, students are inspired to learn, motivated to excel and more confident as a result. We also take students beyond the classroom to the "stage" where they get to perform their music, developing both their confidence and musicianship.

We embrace both innovation and tradition, offering many options in contemporary and classical streams for piano, keyboard, guitar, drums & percussion, and voice.

Officially registered with the Ministry of Education. Music educators are fully qualified and experienced to teach & cater to your
musical needs

Benjamin Yap Neng Soon

General Manager

A business man & enthusiastic

Mohd Zaini Bin Abdullah ( Victor Pillay )

School Supervisor

A professional musician band leader, solo pianist & multi-keyboard player in the many leading hotels & night spots in the region) Has been in this music industry for 40 years.Teaching. A music teacher for the past 35years. Taught at Victor Music Centre (Orchard Road) from 1974 to 1985. Manning Music Centre (Tampines) from 1986 to 1990 and City Music Centre from 1991. Was Principal of School (City Music Centre) from 1998 - 2002. Music Arranger - music for Radio & TV, then SBC now TCS & The Singapore Malay Orchestra. Made recordings on tapes & CD's for Solo Piano, Session work doing English & Chinese songs for local distribution

Jennifer Chua

School Course Administrator

Shelley Anne De Rozario

Principal of School Teacher - Piano/Keyboard / Pop Vocal

Mr Addey

Guitar Teacher-Professional Musician

Khoi Zhi Ling

Teacher - Piano/Keyboard

Niq Osman

Professional Musician Teacher - Drums/Percussion


Professional Musician Teacher - Guitar

Johnathan Sim

Professional Musician Teacher - Bass Guitar/Drums


Teacher - Piano/Keyboard

Sebastian Seah

Teacher - Piano/Keyboard

Kuik Wei Jian

Teacher - Piano

Rachael Lim

Teacher - Piano

Lim Qin Yin

Teacher - Keyboard/Pop Vocals