Our Courses

Pop/Jazz Piano/Electronic Keyboard

Our Pop & Jazz piano courses cater to those who merely want to learn to play the piano for leisure. Prepare for ABRSM & LCM Jazz Piano Examinations. The Electronic Keyboard is an exclusive course that allows absolute beginners to play popular music in just 12 lessons. Learn your favourite songs the simple & fun way. This course is intended for music enthusiasts of all ages from six to sixty who desires to know a little more than just playing the single keyboard by 'ear'. Such a course will give these students a deeper insight of what music is all about. A simple step by step method allowing the student to learn to play some popular songs on the keyboard, simultaneously having fun. Jazz Piano also available for students from Grade 1-8 and Diploma.. We cater to those who either want to learn to play for leisure or those who intend to take examinations. Students can opt to take examinations from the London College of Music (LCM, UK), Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM, UK). and the Trinity College London (TCL, UK)

The following are a few of the modules that are taught in this programme:

  • Practical Playing / Music Performance
  • Pop/Jazz Music Theory
  • Listening & Aural Training
  • Improvisation
  • General Musicianship